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To Kunming

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Firstly, if there are any typos this is due to the usage of the iPod for blogging. The journey to Kunming was very long and tiring. It started with Rob and I being dropped of at Kowloon station. From there we took a non stop express train to guagzhou east station. This only took a couple of hours. After going through immigration and swine flu checkpoints we headed out into the arrivals where a courier was meant to give us our tickets from Guangzhou central to Kunming. She wasn't there and we frantically tried to contact them. The only number provided went to some confused Chinese man who couldn't speak English. Eventually almost 2 hours later we got our tickets and went outside where we got a crazy taxi ride to the other station. When we got there it finally hit us how difficult it was going to be being English speakers in china. We managed to find our way into a crowded waiting room. When announcemens were made we didn't know what to do, once they made an announcement half of the room got up, we followed only to realise this was probably for the purchase of cheap late tickets. However when the whole room vacated we followed them and managed to get to the platform. Unlike most tourists (we were probably the only ones on this train) we got ourselves hard sleeper tickets. This meant our room consisted of 2 triple bunk beds. Rob and I had the middle bunks and we shared the room with two Chinese men who tried to converse with us and a family of three with an over enthusiastic young boy. This was going to be quite the 25 hour train journey. For most the journey I slept and listened to the audiobook version of yes man. Rob finished both his books and wondered around the train if not only to buy grapes. Unusually we did not eat much and our only proper meal was a pot noodle sort of thing which I bought from the station for five yuan and was spicy on the level of the curries we had eaten in hk.


When we got to Kunming I was surprised at how urban it was as our taxi driver took us to the camellia hotel.


As we had come a day early we had to pay for that night's accomodation. So we decided to stay in a four man dorm at the youth hostel that was part of the hotel for 40 yuan each and move into the hotel the next day. We then had a filling dinner at a nearby pub and slept very well.


The next day we woke up lateish and went to have a fry up. After that we moved to the hotel part which isn't much more glamourous. We then headed to yuan tong budhist temple which had this amazing green lake full of fish and turtles as well as some stunning statues of buddah. After a while in the temple we crossed the dangerous roads of Kunming and wandered the back streets. We then had some sort of meat and noodle soup at a local resturaunt cafe I. Which we ordered by pointing and only cost us around 12 yuan.


We then managed to navigate on foot back to the hotel. We have an orientation meeting with intrepid and have a 9 hour bus journey to lijiang at 7:40 tomorrow. This means less blog updates and more Twitter ( which is blocked on the Internet in china)


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Final Day in Hong Kong and Felix's guest post

rain 32 °C

Today we went to Stanley, we didn't do much but I got to meet my friend from when I was a baby: Justin. We got to experience the market and our first intense bout of HK rain. Justin took us to Times Square in central where we wondered around. We also got mango jelly drink. For dinner we went to some pro curry house called International Curry House where we got to try some spicy dishes.


Anyways, not much to write today. However, Felix has his take on the trip (forgive the gramaatical mistakes and randomness):

I really enjoyed these few days with Rob, Alex and Michael and Roy (one of my many imaginary friends). I have to thank them for this opportunity to be a tourist in HK, otherwise i would never be on the peak tram again for the rest of my life.


I also proved that the Xbox is the most addictive thing ever (in my room) as it usually delayed our departures. Just want to say, none of them manage to beat me in Top Spin yet, although Rob and Roy came pretty close.
Apparently I have to mention some of my very innovative ideas that I came up with while the others were trying to get some precious sleep:

1. The Super Anything idea: originated from TV series ‘Super nanny’, with the idea spreading to ‘SuperMum’ then to the rest of the family including ‘Super Baby’ that will never cry, instead he/she will learn the language ultra quickly to tell their parents what’s happening. Then to ‘SuperFootballer’ which leads to the next idea.
2. The Ultimate Formation in Football: it is more commonly known as the ’11-0-0’ formation, but improved. This is a simple idea with three people constantly lying in front of the goal line and the rest just keep jumping for 90 minutes. It worked out that team will have 38 points at the end of the season, which would be just enough to stay in the premier league.
3. Not really suitable for parents, sorry not suitable for anyone really.


Also Ocean Park wasn’t as dodge as I thought, I really like the jellyfish. It kind of made it more interesting with us staying awake for 32 hours before going to some boring rides (according to Rob).

I loved my time with them and in fact wanted to join them, but very unfortunately I have my 1st date tomorrow. Wish them good luck with the rest of their trip and hope that the txt ‘CBR’ will never appear on Ming’s phone. Ooh also wish Rob every success with chopsticks.

Check my gallery for all pictures including Felix's Higlights of the Trip

Tomorrow we head of by train to Kunming via Guangzhou so blogs may become less frequent. Check my Twitter for updates.

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Ocean Park + Museums

sunny 33 °C

Well on Monday night it was evidant that we had not recovered from jet lag with us finding it difficult to sleep with Rob and Felix pulling an all nighter and me grabbing a couple of hours of sleep. This was not a good way to start the day, in which we were going to Ocean Park, a theme park with a zoo.

After being dropped of Felix and I were definitley not in the mood to go on a roller coaster or thrill ride so we decided to keep out of the sweltering heat by going to as many air conditioned areas. Firstly we went to the Chinese animals area. In a nice cooled area were pandas. There was orange ones and the traditional ones who had just been let out.



After watching the pandas nom away at there bamboo, we went to the other part of the exhibit which included pretty big goldfish. I finally learned that goldfish do have a natural non-aquarium/pond habitat.


After watching the goldfish we took the cable car to the main park area with the rides.

(Felix+Rob in the cable car)

When we arrived we went to look at the jellyfish exhibition not only because it was air conditioned but because Felix read about the night before. It was really cool and well lit.


After that we decided to see the dolphin + seal show which wasn't very interesting if you have seen something like it before. Rob nearly fell asleep. After lunch Rob tried to drag us on to The Dragon rollercoaster. Instead he went on whilst we went on the ferris wheel to take pictures of him.


Following that Rob convinced us to go on the swinging ship. Felix used his physics knowledge to make sure we sat in the middle to minimize the swinging effect. Following this we went on the log flume to cool off. Rob then went on a few more rides and after around 6 hours at the theme park we went home, fell asleep instantly until dinner.

The next day we woke up at a reasonable time but took ages to leave. We went out at around lunchtime to get some Prawn Wonton and Noodle soup which was really yummy and i managed to eat 2 bowls sucessfully with chopsticks whilst Rob continued to struggle with his. After a quick stop and go lunch we headed to the pharmacy to get some anti-malarials as I left mine in the UK. We then headed to the History museum in Kowloon.

The museum covered all the history of HK from volcanic eruptions which formed HK to the Chinese takeover. It had loads of models and was very informative and interesting. After heading back outside into the heat we headed along the harbour coast towards the star ferry terminal. We stopped over at the space museum and had a quick run around it.


We then took a Star Ferry back to central and went to thne peak where we go amazing views of HK and Rob got to get an ice cream.



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Hong Kong

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On Tuesday after a night of feeling jet lagged and little sleep we went to Ocean Park, a theme park in Hong Kong. We spent the morning seeing all the animals and fish as they were all inside with air conditioning which was good to get out of the 33 degree heat with high humidity. However we were still really tired and I almost faced a penalty of seven rides on the Ferris wheel when I nearly fell asleep during the dolphin show.


After lunch we decided to go on some rides and I discovered whilst I wanted to go on all the rollercoasters Alex and Felix could barely manage the pirate ship and the log flume. At three o clock we were finally completely dead and went back to Felix's for a nap.

Today we went across from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon to visit the History Museum and the Space Museum. After that we, because of Felix's navigation skills, accidentally ended up by the sea for a hot walk along the harbour with a great view of the city skyline. Finally after stopping to get a frappuccino and use Starbuck's air conditioning we reached the Star Ferry Terminal and went back to Hong Kong Island.


From there we took a funicular up the ridiculously steep slope to The Peak. From the Sky Deck we could see all over the city. After coming down from the Sky Deck we decided it was a good idea to try and walk around The Peak. However, after not quite finding the way and the rain starting we decided to take the funicular down and go back to Felix's apartment.


Tomorrow Stanley Market

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Hong Kong + The Journey

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Well we finally arrived in Hong Kong. To save money on Qatar Airways via Doha. The flight to Doha was good as the check in people realised that Rob was a bit too long for conventional seats so gave us emergency exit seats with with loads of legroom. The only drawback was that the seats didn't recline. Food was good Rob accidentally ordered the vegetarian option. I took advantage of the free drinks and had a heineken which didn't seem to be wise as it was warm and during the turbulence whilst watching 2001: Space Oddessy (which quite weird and trippy at the end).

Getting off at Doha was odd stepping out into dry 39 degrees heat in a hoody. the transfer was smooth and we got on our way to HK fairly successfully. Slept most of the flight (which still had a good ammount of legroom in economy normal seats). My glasses broke before i went to sleep. Watched Monsters VS Aliens before landing. Stepping into the airport was a sight with people wearing swine flu masks. We had to fill in forms to say if we had any symptons linked to swine flu. I had to resist urges to sneeze or cough throughout immigration.

After settling in at Felix's appartment we went to 'New Korean BBQ Resturaunt' where I had my first Korean BBQ in around 10 years. After filling up on piles of meat we went back to the appartment and played Fifa 2005 on the XBox to combat Jet Lag.


Today we went to Central HK to walk around in the hot and humid weather and get some new glasses as my spares weren't very good either. The optitians were able to use my old lenses and a few hours and 1100HKD (£92) later i had some swanky new glasses, which are quite the bargain (although Felix now thinks he could get them for less). After Optitians booked train to Guangzhou for our transfer to the Kunming train for 190HKD each. We then had a traditional Hong Kong lunch by having a 4 person Barrel Meal at KFC, which consisted of 8 pieces of chicken, 4 hot wings, crisscross chips, 4 rice bowls, popcorn chicken and 4 portuguese tarts.


After KFC we went to, a favourite of Felix, Wang Chai which was awash with loads of computer and electronics stuff as well as some random stuff. We got to admire scenery on the way and got to go in a tram! I bought an iPod AV cable (which the current iPod touch firmware stops it from working 5 minutes into any video). Rob bought an iPod case for his nano and Felix bought some weird Rubiks cubes. We then picked up my specs, and caught a minibus back. At home Felix's mum cooked us some chicken and spaghetti.

Tomorrow we go to Ocean Park.

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14 Days to go


Hello, this is the blog in which I will detail Rob and I's journey through South East Asia over the next few months. This Blog will be supported by my Twitter as I can SMS in to it without a computer.

Our planned Itinerary:
London to Hong Kong (via Doha)
Hong Kong to Kunming in which we will do a trek at the Tiger Leaping Gorge
Kunming to Sapa
Down through Vietnam with stops along the way
Ho Chi Min City across to Cambodia
Cambodia to Bangkok
Bangkok back to London in September.

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